To post a your open position on, follow these steps: 

First login to your ChurchStaffing account, and then click the green "Employers" button. Once you are on the employers home page, click "Post Job" in the tool bar. 

Step 1. Select the posting option for the number of jobs, or number of months that best fits your needs. 

Step 2. Fill in your job information. Click here for more information about what to include in your job description.  

Step 3. Review your job posting information. Click the "Back to Editing" button to make any necessary changes, or click "Post Job Now" to continue.

Step 4. Verify the items in your cart are correct, and select "Checkout". On the next page you will input your credit card information, and select "Continue". Fill out your billing/shipping information, and then select "I Authorize This Transaction". 

Step 5. Once your transaction has been approved, select the "Continue" button to finish posting your job. After you come to the Job Posting Confirmation page, your job will be available on the site within the next 30 minutes.


If you are experiencing difficulties with this process after following these steps, click here for additional troubleshooting help.