If your payment won't process, please try:

  • Changing your browsing application (ex: Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and try again

  • Changing your device (computer or tablet is recommended) and try again

If you receive the error message that your card information is not correct:

  • Be sure that the card number, type, CVV, and expiration date are correct

  • Ensure that the billing address you enter is the same address where you receive your bank statement. (Please note that even if you have recently used a specific address as the 'billing address for this card on a different transaction, it will not work unless it is the place where you receive your statement each month, as our payment processor has a more strict standard for this attribute for security reasons.)

If your card is simply being declined, we recommend that you call the number on the back of your card and discuss the issue with your bank. It might be that they are not recognizing this as a 'typical' purchase for you.